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Sea buckthorn jam - Healthy recipe


Once the jam is ready and the fire is off, you can pour it into jars. Do not put the lids on until the jam has cooled. Ideally, you should sterilize the jars before use, whether or not they are new. To do this, after washing, put the lids and jars in the oven for about 15 minutes. After the water droplets on the jars start to sizzle, wait another minute and then turn off the heat.

Then add the washed sea buckthorn berries to the syrup obtained. Boil the sea buckthorn over low heat until the berries become glassy (about 30 minutes should be enough), and the syrup is slightly viscous and don't forget to stir the composition from time to time.
After washing the sea buckthorn, you have to take care of the sugar syrup. To do this, put the water and sugar in a large pot and then leave the mixture on the fire until it is homogeneous (let the water boil a few times).
The first step is to clean and wash the sea buckthorn under running water so that all the impurities have been removed.
How to prepare sea buckthorn jam

    300 ml of water

    1 kg of sugar

    1 kg of sea buckthorn fruit

To make sea buckthorn jam at home, you will need the following ingredients:

Ingredients sea buckthorn jam
You can also eat sea buckthorn in other forms - sea buckthorn with honey, sea buckthorn juice, sea buckthorn oil, ground buckthorn - but sea buckthorn jam, with its sour taste, can be perfectly integrated in the daily breakfast or in the preparation of other desserts.
Sea buckthorn fruits are known for their therapeutic properties and nutritional intake, being very rich in vitamin C and antioxidants.
Sea buckthorn jam is one of the tastiest ways to eat sea buckthorn.
Sea buckthorn jam